About Us

Every woman knows how to buy a thing in market at a very cheap cost and good quality.
As you know today all the women do marketing by her own hands and purchase 70% market item herself.
As you see our urban customers have so many retail outlets or malls for shopping .
On the same way rural customers have no option for these kinds of retail outlets or malls in block areas.
The company has decided to take a solid step for the convenience of rural women customers.
The company thinks better and better option for rural customers.
As you have seen there are so many big retail outlets or malls in urban areas but you never have seen a big retail outlets or malls in rural areas.
the company has decided to design a platform for rural customers specially for women customers.
The mahila bazaar opens a mini-mall project in all the block level markets.
The customers can feel very happy and enjoy the shopping.
They can purchase all the iconic brand items for all sections.
Each rural customer dreams to visit and shopping in retail super outlets or malls.
The company targets to open mini-mall in rural markets where customers can do their shopping in a very good environment and well settled mini-mall.
So,company wishes good luck to all rural customers to visit the mini-mall in their block level markets.
the answer is mahila bazaar.

Ranjeet kumar
Intense Enterprises private limited