Why Mahila Bazaar Franchisee?

Mahila bazaar is one of the fast growing mini mall/super market project in india.
Our customers are very important for us and most important is our rural women customers.
Mahila bazaar program is very unique and fresh.
It goes the prevalent notions of franchising.
What we look is not a franchisee,this is a partnership and our relationship with our partner would be that equal and valueable.
We realize that in the growth of partner lies our own growth.
With this mindset we would endeavour to provide as much as assistance as possible to our partner in establishing,running and maintaining his business.
In short ,we intent to enter into a symbolic relation with the individuals who can adopt our philosophy and replicate our business.
So that is our strength and we can together make a history.
So,welcome in Mahila bazaar as a partner.


STEP 1:Filling of application form by the applicant in our official website i.e www.mahilabazaar.in
STEP 2:Invite him for the 1st round of discussion to provide basic info about our company to the applicant and discuss terms & conditions refer channel manual.
STEP 3:Describe the complete project of the franchisee and invite him for the final round of discussion.
STEP 4:Collect the applicant form with the above documents.
STEP 5:Verification of the documents and inspection of store location.
STEP 6:Approval from franchisee head(GM) of the company.
STEP 7:Hand over the kit in Regional Office and opening the franchisee.

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